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Lovers of Leisure

Jenna Holmes

Photography by Anna Pihan

A creative conversation with entrepreneur and author of ‘With Love, Chaos and Rigatoni’ Jenna Holmes also known as P Mami or Pasta Mama. She lives between Sydney and Melbourne, Australia with her border collie, Sprout. Filled with energy from the early hours, she loves to spend her leisure time chasing the Mediterranean sun and cooking for the people she loves.

“I like to have nick-nacks and things around my home, and travel is the perfect way to collect the mementos that remind you of past fun times.”

“NYC!! I am not a city gal but I tell you what - the things I could do in New York for a day. It's my favourite city on the planet, I just feel alive when I am there.”

“There is something deep in me that continues to call me back (to Greece and Italy) no matter what, I find myself there every year.”

Are you a solo traveler or …

I normally do a mixture of both, but I really do adore solo travel as I honestly enjoy my own company so much - it’s slightly concerning. With trips, I normally will do a week or two alone and then catch up with friends for a week in between. I am very very picky with whom I travel with though so it can’t be everyone.

If you could have any superpower while traveling, what would it be?

A bank account that refills every night with what you spent so you arrive home with exactly what you left with. Or maybe….you just never return home!

My creativity feels very sacred to me, the creation of it is a very personal thing that grows best when I can just do my thing….alone.

What is magique for you? 

Experiencing something special to a region or culture, like eating a special food dish or seeing a particular beach, and feeling deep in my bones why it's been named ‘special’. Like when I first swam in the Gulf of Orosei in Sardinia, I nearly had a heart attack from swooning over the water and the crystal rock beaches as I thought something like this could never exist, and there I was flapping about in the water with my best pal.

What does photography mean for you? 

LIFE! It's how I capture the beautiful things in my days that otherwise might seem minor or minute, but somehow they allow me to see how incredibly fantastic and full my life is - even when I have shit days. My first ever creative pursuit was film photography at school and I remember so clearly seeing that a) I loved it and b) I was good at it because I loved it and up until that point, had never understood what it meant to be ‘overcome’ by something. I would spend my weekends and afternoons after school taking photos or writing all my ideas out. It’s been the central part of growing my businesses as I have been able to share what I create and what I do, through my photography.

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