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The Pleasure of Leisure


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The Pleasure of Leisure evokes limitless daydreaming.

The Pleasure of Leisure is a sunny lifestyle brand by Anna Pihan and Hôtel Magique. Bring endless leisure home with books, travel guides, leisurewear, and dive into inspiring conversations with Lovers of Leisure.




A portal for escapism, explore The Pleasure of Leisure coffee table books.


Inspired by travels to our favorite destinations and designed for everyday leisure.

Travel Guides

Discover a leisurely world through thoughtfully curated, sensory travel guides.

Jenny Kee's Spiritual Home

We meet with legendary artist and fashion icon Jenny Kee in the magical Blue Mountains, where nature is her constant inspiration.


Tess Guinery's Whimsical World

We meet with Tess Guinery and enter her whimsical world of poetry, art and visual expression in the Northern Rivers, Australia.


Jenna Holmes Pasta Paradise

We meet with author Jenna Holmes - Pasta Mama who chases the Mediterranean sun & cooks for the people she loves.


Leisure for Pleasure

The act of leisure brings personal happiness, serving as a way to unwind, recharge, and appreciate life's simple pleasures.

Art and Photography

Art and photography form a tapestry of visual storytelling, having the power to ignite endless inspiration.

Sensory Travel

Travel, explore and experience the world through the awareness of the five senses - sight, scent, touch, sound and taste.

"The Pleasure of Leisure book is the souvenir of a trip that we have not taken."

AD Spain

"The Pleasure of Leisure brings together some of the best summer addresses from around the world."

Vogue France

"They know more than a lot about 'dolce far niente' and dreamlike travel."

Noelia Terrón Laya

"It's a dreamy visual escape."

Condé Nast Traveller

"The book that reclaims The Pleasure of Leisure is the perfect gift."

AD Spain