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Our Story

Imagine a world of endless leisure and limitless daydreaming, beyond holidays.

This is the essence of The Pleasure of Leisure—a sunny lifestyle brand born from a creative collaboration between Australian photographer Anna Pihan and the owner of Hôtel Magique, Milou Neelen. Corresponding in images, they create a glowing visual story through books, travel guides, leisurewear, conversations with ‘Lovers of Leisure’, and more.

“We believe that leisure is crucial for a happy and creative life –– it's for the everyday, extending beyond holidays.”

–– Milou and Anna

Leisure is the key to unlocking our creativity, for it is in the moments of idleness that inspiration finds its way to us.

–– Josef Pieper

Anna Pihan

Anna Pihan grew up on the Sunshine Coast in Australia by way of Europe, and currently calls Sydney home. Living in a perpetual state of exploration, Anna seeks aesthetic pleasure wherever she goes. Accompanied by her cameras and plenty of film, she invites viewers into a sunny world of leisure.

Led by her innate curiosity, she's instilled with a deep appreciation for the worlds wonders, broadening her horizons with every voyage –– from a solo month in Egypt, to the coastlines of Italy, Oman, Pacific Islands and more.

The importance of leisure is at the core of what she does and how she lives. An antidote to spark fresh ideas, carve new paths and cultivate freedom.

For Anna, The Pleasure of Leisure is a space for creative expression, to explore possibilities and collaborate.

Work by Anna Pihan

With a background in travel and interiors, Anna Pihan explores her visual language through her photography practice in the genres of travel, fashion, lifestyle and documentary.

Discover her limited-edition photographic art prints –– her ongoing collection 'The Pleasure of Being Somewhere Else' evokes a sense of story and wanderlust –– a special souvenir to transport you to another place and time, or spark your curiosity. Made to order and instantly ready to hang on your walls.

Beyond printed art, Anna Pihan translates her vision into commercial projects, travel assignments and contributes to international publications regularly.

Featured by New York Times, Vogue Living, WSJ, Condé Nast Traveler, Prior, YOLO and more.   @annapihan

Milou Neelen

Milou Neelen, based on the tropical island of Bali, Indonesia, is the owner and creative force behind Hôtel Magique—the lifestyle brand where art and Magique is all around, seamlessly blending with the allure of hotel life.

Her journey into creativity has been shaped by her deep-seated curiosity. From her background in graphic design and art, to travel adventures, she's discovered how exploration and leisure not only fuel her creative process but also awaken new ideas and perspectives.

Hôtel Magique and The Pleasure of Leisure allow her to combine and share many passions, fostering an environment where innovation thrives and creativity knows no boundaries.

Hôtel Magique

Hôtel Magique is a brand and community dedicated to spreading Magique all around the world. Inspired by a passion for travel and love of hotels, collections are created and curated like souvenirs from an imaginary hotel. From art prints for the lobby to buffet tableware, luxurious bed linen, and logo merchandise in the souvenir shop – Hôtel Magique lets you add that pampering hotel feel with an ambiance-de-magique to everyday life.

Featured by Vogue, Architectural Digest, Condé Nast Traveler, Financial Times, Forbes, ELLE, and more.   @hotelmagique

No pressure, just leisure.