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Lovers of Leisure

Feby and Suri Jabrik

Photography by Anna Pihan

A conversation with Bali natives, creative entrepreneur Feby Jabrik and her pro-surfer daughter Suri Jabrik. Nurtured in a world rich in art and cultural heritage, Feby and Suri find endless leisure in nature’s beauty, exploring lush jungles, and the best waves within the azure waters of the Indonesian archipelago.

Leisure time is a necessity - losing the notion of time to create space for creativity.

“Our newest venue, Earth Island, is a lifestyle brand that captures the surfing journey and coastal living around the archipelago of the world.”

“Sunrise marks the start of each day, bringing hope and positivity. Sunset reminds me to give gratitude.”

What do you appreciate about each other?

Suri: How she (Feby) always thinks about other people before herself. And her cooking skills, her pasta feels and tastes like eating in an Italian restaurant. 

Feby: That Suri is so independent, she is funny, she is a good singer, she is very caring, stubborn — so she knows what she wants and is a good surfer.

“Magique is everywhere.”

What is magique for you? 

Feby: Magique is everywhere if you allow yourself to have access to it. When there is a moment where an honest and simple experience happens, it fills your heart.

Suri: A good surf session. Being able to do what you love with purpose.

What does photography mean for you? 

Feby: Capturing memories - a self-expression - a perspective. 

Suri: A way of capturing memories that you can keep forever.


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